In the United States alone, approximately 6.5 million citizens are using either a cane, crutches, or walker for assistance with their mobility. In many cases, people are using the wrong device, or using it incorrectly without knowing it. A cane is meant to bear only twenty percent of the user’s weight and has a specific height and angle of incidence when it is most effective. SafeStride wants to tackle this problem by designing a cane that constantly measures the cane’s state of motion and the user’s grip strength.

Project Description

Our goal at SafeStride is to design a cane that can record and collect data to determine if the cane is being used safely and efficiently. This data will be easily accessible through a Bluetooth application, allowing for real time evaluation by medical professionals. Additionally, SafeStride seeks to collect long-term data that is tailored to medical researchers. The measurements of force, velocity, angle, and a pressure map of the grip will be used to analyze if a person is holding the cane correctly, putting too much pressure, too little pressure, and even pressure in the wrong area. In addition, we want the cane to resemble a typical cane as closely as possible; this means that our design must be low-maintenance and require minimum effort from the user.


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